Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cosmic Combos (part 1)

Over the last year, I've been able to set up some Cosmic Combos.

These are games where the aliens have been pre-selected to be in the same game.

Here are a few of the combos we've played, and some commentary.


1- Ace
2- Deuce
3- Tripler
4- Joker
5- Gambler
6- Winner
7- Loser
8- Angler

We only ended up doing the six player mix, which includes Winner.  However, if we'd gone to eight players, we decided that Loser was the obvious next alien to add in, and for giggles, Angler as the eighth player (who better to join a poker game than someone who prefers Go Fish?).  

This was a very interesting mix of aliens to have in one game.  Deuce and Tripler created high totals a lot, but the combination of Joker and Gambler also made for some hilarious interactions.  Gambler would "bluff" that his card was whatever Joker declared to be wild (especially when they were allied, but also late in the game when all Joker had left were his high value tokens and was facing off against Gambler).  

Ace, of course was the scapegoat alien, never invited as the offensive ally (and also rarely invited to defense either).  He got his one colony, but lost it a few turns later.

Winner was on everyone's radar, but he managed to get the 40 and gain his fourth colony as defense, right before his turn.  Winner and Deuce shared the win with Joker, Tripler, and Gambler at three colonies, and Ace at none. 



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