Monday, April 5, 2010

Alien Strategy Series: Remora

First appearance: Fantasy Flight CE

Plain-English power: Gets Cards or Ships when other players do

Loved by: Hacker, Barbarian, and Mutant.

Loathed by: Warpish and Mutant. With Mutant, it's a love-hate thing.

Three ways to win as Remora:

- Make judicious use of a negotiate card. When your hand starts to get big, it becomes a target for compensation. Players are more likely to play a negotiate against you, so you increase the odds of getting into a deal situation.

- Invite a lot of defensive allies. Sure they'll get rewards if you win, but then so will you.

- Ally with the defense, and commit big. You can afford to risk the ships, since you have a good avenue for getting ships out of the warp faster than anyone else.

Three ways to win against Remora:

- Single Remora out when deciding whom not to invite on the defense. If your side wins, Remora will be collecting rewards anyway, so there's no need to double his gains.

- Make judicious use of a negotiate card. If you are on defense against Remora, and he won't be able to win the game on his turn, then this is the best time to surrender and get cards from him. It gets the negotiate out of your hand, and the opportunity to get some decent cards out of Remora's hand.

- Cosmic Quake. If Remora is holding a huge pile of cards, then one of the best moves you can make is to run through the rest of the encounter deck. When the deck is exhausted, all players must discard their hands and start with new ones. It levels the field for you against Remora.

At CE Online? No.

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