Monday, March 29, 2010

Picking up the mantle

While Blogmic Encounter is undergoing a life assessment, I will attempt to pick up some of the slack here at Cosmic Warp. I'm also open to broadening the edit staff by seeking folks interested in contributing content to this blog.

I can't promise there will be as much added Dune flavor, though I am willing to include exciting columns on other games and events.

Forgive the pedestrian look of the site as of this writing... I will attempt a style upgrade in the near future.

I'd like to start things off by asking what feature people are most interested in next on The Warp. We're now well over 1600 entries for alien powers. I know there are some features I have been wanting to add, but I figure it's best to see what is most requested. If you've used The Amazing Power Thingy, what feature would you like to be able to exploit that has thus far been unavailable?


  1. Hmm. Prolly the ability to do an 'exclusion' search. Or even to be able to check/uncheck the various categories for inclusion (like say, leaving out bad powers and lucre powers).

  2. It's getting there. At the moment, you CAN do a search under theme for "None", and that will exclude everything from lucre to moon to bad, etc. Any power that doesn't have a theme tag will show up. What we're also planning next is being able to actually tag powers with more than one theme for those that have them, rather than making a specific double theme.